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    Centrifugal fan daily inspection and maintenance points

    Centrifugal fans mainly by: impeller, chassis, coupling, shaft. Impeller is the main work components that produce wind pressure and transfer energy; the chassis is mainly used to introduce gas and exhaust gas, while the part of the gas kinetic energy into pressure; coupling to connect the motor and fan, transmission torque; And fixed impeller, through the coupling with the motor.
    Daily maintenance:
    Wuxi centrifugal fan before each boot before the boot check. Clean the surface dust. Check the cleaning bearing. Check and tighten the bolts. Check into the outlet. Check and adjust the coupling clearance and coaxiality. Check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt. Check lubrication parts, replace lubricants and seals. Including the contents of 3.1. Disassemble, clean, check the parts. Repair the bearing, replace the rolling bearing. Check, repair or replace impeller. Check the static balance of the impeller, dynamic balance. Check, repair or replace the spindle. Fan paint, repair foundation, calibration level, shock absorber function is good. Non-metallic hulls should be free of cracks, with a flat surface and a good seal. Metal chassis should be welded firmly, no crack aging phenomenon. The inner surface is smooth, smooth, without protrusion or depression. The welds of the impeller welding are tested with a magnifying glass or a surface-free inspection method, without cracks and surface pores. Riveting impeller nail head does not crooked without loosening, no deformation of the blade. Leaf wears up to half the thickness of the original should be replaced. Roller surface and inside and outside the cushion without wear. Rolling bearing assembly must be close to the shoulder point. Check the lubrication system should meet the requirements. Turn on the power and check that the voltage should be normal.