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    Medium and low pressure centrifugal fan

    Discussion on the difference between the installation of medium and low pressure centrifugal fan and the direction of impeller
    1, centrifugal fans and blowers, are they comparable?
    Centrifugal fans and blowers, though, they all belong to the fan, but this is the category of two different categories, the former is the working principle, the latter is for the use of features, so that there is no comparability between them. So, on this question, the answer is for no. Moreover, the centrifugal fan, can be used as a blower.
    2, centrifugal fan and axial fan, the two fans in the installation, whether there is a difference?
    Centrifugal fan and axial fan, the two fans in the installation, there is a certain difference, if the summary summary, it is mainly:
    Centrifugal fan installation complexity is higher than the axial fan, therefore, in the installation cycle, the axial fan is shorter than the centrifugal fan. In addition, in the motor connection, the centrifugal fan through the shaft connection to achieve, and axial fan, it is for direct installation.
    3, centrifugal fan, the direction of rotation of the impeller, how to determine?
    To determine the direction of rotation of the centrifugal fan impeller, first of all, to determine whether the fan impeller is forward multi-leaf or backward. Then, look at the centrifugal fan, whether there is a corresponding arrow mark, yes, the direction of the arrow is its direction of rotation, if not, you can according to the motor or pulley rotation direction, to judge, clockwise Right hand, counterclockwise is left.