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    Roots blower advantages

    Roots blower has many advantages, on the advantages, can only say that the difference with the performance of other types of fan performance, performance differences created its unique "advantages", the following Roots blower manufacturers and everyone together to sum up Advantages of the next Roots blower:
    1, a wide range of air volume
    Roots blower there are many types, such as the three leaf Roots blower, two leaf Roots blower, two-stage series Roots blower, which is commonly used in the three leaf Roots blower, is also a small amount of air, Roots blower, if the pressure is not great, the air volume is large, you can use two leaf Roots blower, if the pressure is large, the air volume and can use two-stage series Roots blower. Roots blower starts 6 steps to help you start correctly!
    2, a wide range of pressure
    Roots blower pressure range from 9.8kpa to 200kpa, generally have the ability to design can be done 200kpa, to meet the needs of many conditions, once more than 200kpa, you need to use other types of fans, such as air compressor.
    3, cost-effective
    In the Roots blower pressure range, there are other types of fans can be replaced, such as single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower, multi-stage centrifugal blower, but these fans are complex, expensive, so long as Roots blower can replace, most Customers will choose Roots blower, rather than single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower or multi-stage centrifugal blower.
    4, simple structure
    I mentioned above, Roots blower structure is relatively simple, maintenance and maintenance will be a lot of ease of the late structure of the use of a lot of trouble, take multi-stage centrifugal blower, before the East China fans have received a customer, The customer when the pharmaceutical industry, the use of multi-stage centrifugal blower, equipment problems, find a lot of manufacturers, did not solve, to their own caused a lot of trouble.
    5, comprehensive advantages
    Roots blower industry has been very mature, in the pharmaceutical, textile, flour, sewage treatment, environmental protection industry, the application of a wide range of many customers first fancy Roots blower performance, followed by cost-effective, many customers choose the Luo Roots blower, Roz blower installation is simple, easy to learn easy to learn, easy to get started, followed by Roots blower to facilitate maintenance, so the comprehensive consideration, the customer invariably selected Roots blower.