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    The Importance of Roots Fans in Sewage Treatment Process

    Roots blower is the necessary core equipment in the sewage treatment process, directly determine its effect and energy consumption. Biological treatment of sewage treatment process mainly use Roots blower for aeration tank oxygen, promote aerobic microbial growth, through their metabolic decomposition of suspended solids in sewage, dissolved organic matter and nitrogen and other nutrients to achieve sewage treatment The purpose of the sewage treatment plant is the core equipment. The performance of the fans we use has the most direct impact on the quality and energy consumption of the wastewater we are dealing with.
    Wuxi Roots blower sewage treatment industry, environmental protection and municipal public infrastructure is an important part of the developed countries in the sewage treatment industry has matured, the relevant equipment is only updated demand. In China, despite the sustained and rapid economic growth, but due to the lack of investment in the environmental protection industry in the history, although the industry's growing rigid requirements, but China's annual wastewater treatment facilities growth rate is only 3.86%. According to the national "Eleventh Five-Year" plan to speed up urban sewage treatment and key river basin water pollution control and other construction projects have been listed as one of the ten key measures to expand domestic demand, the central government has determined to allocate 90 billion yuan for water pollution control The
    In the fierce market competition, deepen the internal reform, optimize the product structure, research and development efficiency, energy-saving low-noise fan products is the market demand.