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    High pressure centrifugal fan

    Debugging of High Pressure Centrifugal Fan
    Centrifugal fan is currently the most widely used industrial production of ventilation and exhaust equipment, but due to the lack of relevant professional knowledge, many times after the installation, no longer ignore. In fact, the centrifugal fan in different states can achieve the effect is different. Therefore, how to debug centrifugal fans to be able to be in the best condition is very important.
    The following will explain in detail the centrifugal fan debugging method: 1, the fan allows full pressure start or buck electric, but it should be noted that the full voltage start when the current is about 5-7 times the rated current, buck starting torque and voltage square Is proportional, when the grid capacity is insufficient, should be used to start the buck. 2, centrifugal fan in the test, you should carefully read the product manual, check the wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; should carefully check the supply power supply voltage is not meet the requirements of the power supply is missing or phase, with the electrical components Whether the capacity meets the requirements. 3, the number of the test when the number of not less than two, one control power, one person to observe the operation of the fan and found abnormal phenomenon immediately stop inspection; first check the direction of rotation is correct; fan start running, should immediately check the operating current balance, Whether the current exceeds the rated current; if there is an abnormal phenomenon, should stop checking. After running for five minutes, stop the fan to check whether the abnormal phenomenon, to confirm no abnormal phenomenon and then boot operation.