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    T-40 axial fan

    Product description
    T-40 axial fans can be used as general factory, warehouse, office, residential ventilation or heat to enhance the use of heat. If the chassis can be removed for free use. It can also be installed in series between the longer exhaust pipes to increase the air pressure in the pipe.
    1, T4-type axial fan impeller diameter from small to large a total of 10 models, followed by 2.5 #, 3 #, 3.5 #, 4 #, 5 #, 6 #, 7 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 # And so on, each machine blade can be installed into 150,200,300,350 five angles.
    2, T-40-type axial fan mainly impeller, chassis, current collector and motor components, impeller and motor direct connection, the impeller turned to the left (motor side to see).

    Product technology
    1, impeller: leaf made of high quality Baosteel Q235 steel, stamping, hydraulic mold forming. The wheels are made of high quality Baosteel Q235 steel plate, with hydraulic press stretching forming. Leaf blade is made of special welding tooling with carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. And the number of hard support dynamic balancing machine for correction, balance accuracy to G4.6 or more.
    2, hairdryer: high-quality Baosteel Q235 steel plate with cutting plate machine cutting, with three-core roll machine round, carbon dioxide gas protection welding. Spinning machine spinning forming, and then press the machine in the cylinder on the rotation of two arc-shaped ribs. To ensure that the hairdryer has enough strength, stiffness, nice appearance.
    3, fence: fan with galvanized protective grille.
    4, assembly: fan assembly, X, Y, Z axis vibration speed is less than 5.6mm / s.