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    T-35 axial fan

    Product description
    T-35 axial fan is mainly used for general factory, warehouse ventilation or heating to strengthen the heating and kitchen ventilation and purification. Fan according to the machine number divided by 3.15 ~ 11.2 a total of 13 specifications, each specifications fan blades are 4, a wide range of parameters, air volume 4155 ~ 64825m3 / h, wind pressure 62-372Pa. The fan can be wall mounted or pipelable.
    Construction Technology of T - 35 Axial Flow Fan
    T-35 axial fan impeller for the steel, wheel hydraulic stretching, after the blade stamping hydraulic forming, blade and wheel welding assembly or fiberglass forming a molding. Impeller by static, dynamic balance correction, balance accuracy is not greater than G5.6 level.
    T-35-type axial fan outer cylinder flange for the use of the overall rip spinning or fiberglass a molding.
    According to the shape of the classification: wall, pipe.
    Sort by usage environment:
    Normal type: suitable for non-flammable, explosive and non-corrosive gases in the environment.
    Anti-corrosion type: impeller, the frame is fiberglass, suitable for corrosive gas containing the environment.
    Explosion-proof: the motor for the explosion-proof, leaves for the aluminum alloy, suitable for flammable, explosive gas environment, explosion-proof grade EXdIIBT4.