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    T-30 type axial fan

    T-30 axial fan of the normal working conditions
    A, the ambient temperature is -45 ℃ ─ + 50 ℃;
    B, ambient air relative temperature of not more than 90% (+25 ℃);
    C, no more than 1000m above sea level;
    D, no strong vibration and corrosive gases.
    Structure and Characteristics of T - 30 Axial Flow Fan
    1, T-30-type axial fan from the current collector, a fan, two fans, three fans, motors, muffler and other components.
    2, T-30-type axial fan drive using motor and impeller direct connection, reliable transmission, the use of outsourcing dual-type muffler structure of the way sound absorption silence, the shell structure according to the impact of its impact resistance.
    3, the way the fan into the type of work.
    4, the impeller has been done before the factory balance test.
    5, the blade using a new type of efficient wing twisting technology, fan efficient operating area area.
    6, the motor for the Y series of three-phase asynchronous motor. (According to the construction conditions of the motor can choose YB series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor).