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    5-47 Centrifugal fan

    Product description
    5-47 series of boiler centrifugal induced draft fan is designed to meet the burning of various media and equipped with smoke and dust removal device 1-20 tons / hour industrial boiler design, where the intake conditions are comparable, performance and adapt to those who can choose The The maximum temperature shall not exceed 250 ° C. In the fan before the dust removal efficiency of not less than 85% of the dust removal device to reduce the smoke into the fan dust content, improve the service life of the fan.
    The performance of the fan is expressed by the parameters such as the air volume of the fan, the total pressure, the spindle speed, the shaft power and the efficiency. The performance of the performance table, NO.4-6 according to the gas temperature t = 250 ℃, atmospheric pressure P0 = 101300Pa, Density ρ = 0.672kg / m3 air medium calculation, NO.8 above the gas temperature t = 200 ℃, atmospheric pressure P0 = 101325Pa, flue gas density ρ = 0.745kg / m3 calculation.
    This series of fans using two transmission methods: coupling direct drive (D) and V-belt drive (C type). This type of induced draft fan for a single suction into the air, the machine number NO.4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,12.4 a total of 9 species. The number of fans can be made of left and right rotary two types.